Our firm, Intermedier Ltd. was founded in 1996. It is exclusively in Hungarian ownership,

still it is an international enterprise. Our scope of activity includes building engineering, technology piping and material tests.


The activity of our firm has been extended to several countries of the European Union. Branch offices can be found – among others – in Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and Germany.


In addition to loyalty to the company, devotedness and high-quality work characterize our staff. Besides continuous increase of the number of staff, special attention is paid to the continuous professional training of our employees. With the help of our high-skilled assembly managers speaking several languages, we are able to undertake complete assembly work both in Hungarian and international sites.


Our skilled staff has an experience of several decades in the following scopes of activity:



• Assembly of building engineering

• Assembly of industrial facilities

• Assembly of technology piping

• Clean space assembly

• Non-destructive material testing

• Hire of manpower.