Assembly of building



Clean space assembly



material testing



Assembly of industrial facilities

 and technology piping


Assembly of building engineering

The wide range of assembly work within the frame of building engineering includes the following:


from residential houses to offices,

from warehouses to industrial plants:


• Assembly of heating systems,

• Assembly of cooling systems,

• Assembly of air conditioning systems and

• Assembly of building installation.



Clean space assembly

Clean space is a working area where air quality, temperature and humidity are regulated by special equipments in order to protect the sensitive technology from unwanted pollution. The important scopes of application of clean spaces are: precision mechanics (instrument industry, watch making, aircraft manufacture and space research), computer hardware manufacture, microelectronics (semi-conductor and integrated circuit manufacture), microbiology, pharmaceutical industry, and food and nutriments industry. Our firm has done clean space assembly work in the scope of the pharmaceutical industry and microelectronics in Hungary and abroad so far.


Non-destructive material testing

Being one of our main profiles, industrial non-destructive material testing is primarily performed in power plants, oil refineries as well as chemical and pharmaceutical plants. Our scope of activity includes the following non-destructive material tests and their documentation:


• Radiographic material tests (RT)

• Ultrasonic crack detection tests (UT)

• Magnetic crack detection tests (MT)

• Liquid penetration crack detection tests (PT)

• Visual tests (VT)



Assembly of industrial facilities
and technology piping

Industrial pipes connect various tanks, devices, other machines and manufacturing facilities, thus they form a basic part of the industrial systems. Regarding the assembly of technology pipe systems, we can offer experts with several decades of experience for our partners.